Kitchen Cabinets and Counters

The counters in your kitchen are likely the first thing that prospective buyers will notice, and therefore you should make it a priority to have them in the best shape possible. Many of the kitchen counters that we offer are stain and scratch resistant, like Silestone and certain forms of granite and other natural stone. If you are planning on replacing your counter, you should consider replacing your kitchen cabinets at the same time as doing so after new counters have been installed will increase costs and could case damage to the countertops.

If you’re not starting your kitchen from scratch, you can upgrade your existing cabinets. Lazy Susans, trash pullouts, full-extension glides can all make your kitchen more efficient and attractive. If you’ve longed for an appliance shelf that lifts a mixer or food processor from a cabinet to operating height, you can add one to any full height base cabinet. Other upgrades like an in-drawer knife block or cabinet door storage shelves are great for organization and easy to install.

Cabinet upgrades vary in both cost and function depending on the manufacturer (or carpenter). If you’ve yet to choose your cabinetmaker, you may want to consider what accessories each offers before deciding. Other upgrades are aesthetic, making your cabinets more beautiful, such as molding or a plate display rack. Another favorite are shelves that slide out from the cabinets. They’re ideal for pots and pans because you can get to them without breaking your back.