Remodeling Kitchen Flooring

Ceramic kitchen tile is an ideal choice for walls and floors in any remodeled kitchen. It’s durable, impervious to water, and comes in an almost limitless selection of colors and styles. Tiling a custom bathroom with your own hands is a rewarding project for an experienced do-it-yourselfer.

Natural stone tile includes granite, marble, limestone (including travertine), and slate. Among these types of natural stone are thousands of varieties with characteristics that depend on where and when the stone was quarried.

Granite kitchen tiling is nearly impervious and, once it is polished, resists scratching. It is an excellent choice for flooring in kitchens and high-traffic areas.

Marble kitchen flooring is more porous than granite and is not recommended for kitchen flooring unless sealed on a regular basis.

Limestone kitchen tile can be textured or polished smooth, and is less dense than granite and marble. It can be easily stained and is also prone to scratching. It is not recommended for kitchen or high-traffic flooring applications.

Travertine kitchen tile is a soft, porous stone with a natural surface that has pitting or divots. Travertine is an excellent choice for kitchen floors when it is properly sealed and maintained. We offer special care and surface sealing services to help maintain your travertine kitchen floors.

Slate flooring is extremely dense and very durable, and isnormally found in darker earthy tones. The surface of slate is naturally textured unless a smooth, honed finish is achieved. Slate is an excellent choice for kitchen and high-traffic area flooring.