Kitchen Accent Tiling & Backsplashes

The kitchen backsplash is an essential element in most kitchens. It has to look great, cohere with other elements and items in the kitchen, and withstand the food and water that cooking and cleaning throw at it. A stone, metal, or glass tile backsplash can help you make your kitchen look great at the price you need.

Our wide selection of available backsplash tiles includes hundreds of colors, styles, designs, patterns, and materials that make it easy for you to find the exact tile you want. This includes glass tiles, a range of different mosaics that can include stone, metal, and glass, and subway tiles. No matter what your kitchen’s style and your goals for the backsplash, you can find a tile to help reach that goal and have your kitchen looking incredible.

Glass tiles are especially effective for a kitchen backsplash because they do not absorb moisture or stain. Most of our stone tiles absorb very little moisture, and metal is obviously not absorptive. If installed properly, our tiles are also impenetrable to moisture and liquid. So they can even protect your walls by locking moisture out, and of course they resist water and are easy to clean. And our glass tiles are colored on the back so the color cannot scratch off. They will always look flawless.

Kitchen backsplashes are an excellent way to enhance the beauty of your cabinets and counters. Normally accent colors are used to highlight your cabinets, and the various colors found throughout your stone countertops. Additional accent tiles include design patterns and several finishes including metal, porcelain, tumbled or polished stone, and even clear or colored glass backsplash materials.